Education Programmes

Mangrove Conservation Project

Mangroves have a high ecological value. They are home to many wildlife, providing habitats, nesting and breeding sites, and feeding grounds for a wide range of species such as fish, bird, crab, dragonfly, etc. Mangroves also serve many different ecological functions, such as water purification and climate regulation.

The project aims to increase the number and diversity of mangroves in Sha Po wetland in Kam Tin, Yuen Long, thus enhance the biodiversity and ecological values of Sha Po wetland. Droppers and seeds of various mangrove species are collected and then cultivated and planted in Sha Po wetland.

The project involves various community engagement activities, from learning and appreciation to actions, thus raise the public’s knowledge and interest in wetland:

  • Mangrove Seedlings Adoption Scheme “Bring Her Home – Plant My Own Mangrove”, in which members in the community were engaged in adopting seedlings and nurturing them at home. Grown seedlings were then collected and planted in the Sha Po wetland to enhance the biodiversity.
  • Tertiary Student Wetland Ambassadors were engaged in planting the mangrove seedlings in the Sha Po Wetland.
  • Mangrove learning class and appreciation tour were organized.

Explore.Wetland Biodiversity Video & Education Programme

What is a wetland? What are wetland’s functions? What kind of wildlife can be found in wetlands?…… “Explore.Wetland Biodiversity” Video leads the audiences to explore wetlands in Hong Kong, from their types, functions and importance, biodiversity, wetland invasive species as well as other threats faced by wetlands.

The video is part of the Explore.Wetland Biodiversity Education Programme, which aims to allow the public to appreciate wetland ecology and biodiversity through diversified activities – learning class, eco-tours, educational video and video quiz activity. The video is also shared to local secondary and primary schools as educational materials.

The programme is organised by Green Power, and co-organised by Hong Kong Wetlands Conservation Association (HKWCA) and Eco-Education & Resources Centre (ERC), and subvented by the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department.

Any opinions, findings, conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material/ event do not necessarily reflect the views of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region

Sha Po Wetland Environmental Education Programme

Educational programme in Sha Po Wetland with diverse activities combining education, science, culture and art:

  • Community Surveyor – Citizen Science Scheme to harness the power of Sha Po community in conservation. Train up residents to participate in ecological monitoring, thus enhance environmental awareness and sense of ownership.
  • Community Volunteer Team: Recruit residents to promote and manage Sha Po Wetland.
  • Workshops, experience days and carnivals: To raise the interest and awareness.

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Wetland Eco-guide Programme

To empower tertiary students to be wetland eco-guides through comprehensive training. The eco-guides will serve as ambassadors to spread the message of wetland conservation to the public.